Ruckus NYC Videos

Thanks KevinVictoria,  Zach, et al for the great videos from Last September's Ruckus NYC conference at Cooper Union.  During the day, there were great presentations about music, art, new media, publicity, time management, creative communities  and other issues germaine to being a working artist.  That night, we put on a concert, which featured wonderful performances from KingsSylvana Joyce and the Moment, Zach, Jody Redhage, and more!  Hannah and I played  Andy Akiho's "Karakurenai" and Osvaldo Golijov's Mariel. Check out the Ruckus NYC tumblr (I suppose it should be a "Tumblog") for videos from the conference, the youtube playlist for concert vids, and more information about all the great people involved.  I can't wait for the next one!