New Morse Kerekes

kerekes poster 1

image In a few weeks New Morse Code is presenting a concert with our dear friend Paul Kerekes, featuring his music and  pieces by his colleagues and influences, including fellow Yale School of Music alumni Hannah Lash, Marc Mellits and David Lang.  In addition to being a great composer, Paul is a terrific pianist, and will be joining us for the concert.

The program will center around two trios, Kerekes' Three Rooms, written in 2012 for us, and Marc Mellits' exuberant and quirky Tight Sweater. The concert will also feature two of Paul’s other works: Vantages for solo piano and Reach for cello and piano, as well as duos by Hannah Lash and David Lang.

We're playing November 23rd in New Haven at Trinity Lutheran, and the 24th in New York at Spectrum.  For more information, check out press releases for the New Haven and New York performances.

November 23, 2013 New Morse Code & Paul Kerekes 7pm, Trinity Lutheran (292 Orange St.), New Haven, CT $15 suggested donation

November 24, 2013 New Morse Code & Paul Kerekes 3pm, Spectrum (121 Ludlow), New York, NY $15/$10

Thanks Henry Chan for the sweet poster!