Norfolk Bound

Norfolk slide

Just in case you're wondering what I've been up to or getting up to,  I'm celebrating packing up my possessions and moving out of New Haven by spending the next six weeks at the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival with New Morse Code peep Hannah Collins.  Hopefully the idyllic surroundings of the stunning Stoeckel Battell estate and the comforts of my host family's home will keep me focused: we came with suitcases of music to learn, and aren't leaving until it's done! While it won't be anything near as ambitious as what these percussionists did the last ten days with James Wood, stay tuned for details and concert specifics.  You can always check out any of the summer's shows from the comfort of your own home with the festival's live video and audio stream.

Come for the concerts, stay for the GIANT slide at a nearby school.