Squeak Squeak, Plunk Plunk.

I'm back from six amazing weeks at Norfolk (more on that soon) and all moved out to gorge-s Ithaca (more on THAT soon, as well), but I wanted to share this live recording Hannah and I made of Martin Bresnick's Songs of the Mouse People, a fabulously clever (albeit brief) meditation on Kafka's last short story.  It's one of many shiny new live recordings on the new New Morse Code website.  Like all labors of love, it's a work in progress, so keep checking back as Hannah and I update and tweak things, edit video, and argue about font sizes and margins. If you're more interested in solo music, check out my new video of the vibraphone portion of Manoury's Livre des Claviers.    Enjoy, and stay tuned for more news, a new calendar page, important links, recordings, musings, reports, and complaints!