"Mike Compitello shined, showcasing the virtuosity of Akiho’s composition and swinging his whole body across the marimba as he played."

-News House Syracuse

"[New Morse Code] are, it seems, not just playing for the future of music, but vibrantly living in and shaping it." 

-New Haven Independent


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Praise for Simplicity Itself

New Morse Code's Debut Record on New Focus Recordings

an ebullient passage through pieces that each showcase the duo’s clarity of artistic vision and their near-perfect synchronicity" - icareifyoulisten.com

a flag of genuineness raised"  - Q2 Music

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"Each of this disc's works...speak eloquently and powerfully...Highly recommended."
    - Gramophone

 “A superb collection of recent chamber works, beautifully played.”

    - Sequenza21

“[A Message from the Emperor] though is an unqualified success. An essay on a Sisyphean mission given a messenger from a distant king (and equally impossible for the recipient), the setting of the text seems ideal as it develops into furious repetition, insistent, unyielding, and ultimately exasperated. “

    - Robert Carl, Fanfare

WQXR’s album of the week, January 5, 2015:

“ fast-rising percussionists Michael Compitello and Ian Rosenbaum have played alongside the best.” 

    -Daniel Stephen Johnson

New Music Buff: “Maybe Music Remains Forever, A New Martin Bresnick Disc”, Nov. 10, 2014:

A Message from the Emperor (2010) is another piece based on Kafka. This piece is scored for two speaking percussionists who play marimba, vibraphone and small tuned drums. This little narrative follows in the same basic tradition as the speaking pianist piece. The musicians speak sometimes separately, sometimes together coordinating their substantial duties on their instruments as well. The story tells of an important message that, as is characteristic in Kafka’s absurdist world, can never actually be communicated. It’s not clear if this (or, for that matter, the other tracks on this disc) is intended as political protest music but the analogies are certainly there if the listener chooses to apply them.

Modern Composition Reviews, January 2015:

“Percussionists Michael Compitello and Ian Rosenbaum take turns in reading lines from “A Message From the Emperor” while providing pulsing rhythms from a vibraphone and marimba, the ringing bell-like tones giving the piece a Chinese feeling appropriate to the story.”
    -Josh Ronsen

New York Times:

“This exciting recording of chamber works and piano pieces, mostly inspired by literary texts, should be a revelation to those who don’t know his work.”
    -Anthony Tommasini

The Big City: Best Classical Albums 2014:

“Bres­nick has been indis­pens­able as a teacher to the cur­rent gen­er­a­tion of new com­posers, and his own music is sub­lime, with exquis­ite craft, an ear and heart for the beau­ti­ful, and a trans­par­ent, grace­ful and unself­con­scious con­nec­tion to the common musical mate­ri­als all around us. This is a superb col­lec­tion of recent cham­ber works, beau­ti­fully played.”
    -George Grella


"Stunningly Moving"

"Percussionist Michael Compitello is a stand-out of the evening"

-New Haven Review